Maximizing effort at the gym

"10 seconds..."

At CrossFit Coordinate, it's a phrase everyone knows. It's often the last words from coaches to athletes before a Metcon begins. And it's often one of the few times the box is quiet - more on this later.

What comes next is often a blur of pull-ups, push-ups, squats, running, box jumps or whatever other combination has been cooked up to generate sweat and fitness. At the base level, Metcons are designed to be high intensity, short-to-medium-length workouts that allow athletes to push themselves to the limit - in a good way.

Generating the right level of intensity in those moments is the secret to the results CrossFit produces. Another secret that you may not even realize is happening...because of the fact that CrossFit programming is designed to help athletes maximize effort, many people will find themselves pushing as hard as possible without realizing it's happening.

The next time you hear "10 seconds," think about the results you're working for. Remember them when your breathing speeds up and you don't think you can continue, because you can.

By the end of the WOD, you'll have burned more calories in 10 minutes than you would have in an hour doing the old back and biceps routine at the local gym.


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