Reach Your Goals


The only real way to determine whether CrossFit Coordinate is the right box for you is to come train with us and see what our awesome community is all about. 


If you are visiting from another affiliate our drop in fee is $20. If you plan on working out more than once click here for additional options. 

If you are planning on attending a free-trial class or are dropping in for the first time please arrive to class 15 minutes early to meet the coaches and fill out a waiver. 

Training At CrossFit Coordinate

Training at CrossFit Coordinate begins with a series of 5 classes referred to as Foundations. These classes are designed systematically to introduce you the mechanics of the core exercises/movements preformed at CrossFit Coordinate. Foundations classes builds the "foundation" for proper technique which overall enhances your safety during training. During this time it also gives the coaches the opportunity to get to evaluate your mobility, get to know you better, assess your indivudal needs and discuss your fitness goals.


There are no additional fees for Foundations classes as it is a requirement to attend our group CrossFit classes. Contact us for information regarding class times.